Animal Evolution:
Revision Notes

Compiled as a final-year zoology student at the University of Edinburgh, based on the information given in lectures.



Natural selection

(Ridley 2003, Evolution; Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker)


Experimental evolution

(Elena & Lenski 2003)


Evolution of development

(Carroll et al 2001, From DNA to Diversity)


Cambrian explosion

(Gould 1989, Wonderful Life; Conway Morris 1998, The Crucible of Creation)


Hox genes


Sexual arms races


Molecular techniques

(Griffiths et al 1996, An Introduction to Genetic Analysis)


Phylogenetic trees

(Hillis et al 1996, Molecular Systematics)


The history of life


The RNA world


Evolution of the genetic code

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© Andrew Gray, 2004