A while ago, while staring at the ceiling during a dull biology lecture, I started wondering if it would be possible to write a poem on the subject of DNA, in which each word began with one of the four genetic letters. Here is the result...

A Tribute To Genes

Through all their triumphs, trials and tribulations,
Great ancestors constructed towers tall,
The arches twisting through the generations,
The corridors a cord connecting all
Thy copious and colourful creations,
A testament to chemistry and chance,
Attempting through their countless combinations
To aid thy global conquering advance.

Alas, the anguish that thou canst awaken
As ageing turrets crumble, creak and crash!
Gifts, gladly given, cruelly then are taken,
Those trunks are chopped to charcoal, ash to ash,
And thus thy anxious, grieving children come
To cut the cables, tear away the chains:
Thou art a tightened thread around their thumbs,
Thy conquest through technology their aim.


© Andrew Gray, Two Thousand and Three