Biology teachers' notes

Here are some of the notes and worksheets that I compiled while working as a biology teacher at Basil Paterson College in Edinburgh. Feel free to make use of these if you are a biology teacher (or student) yourself.


Course summaries

AS-level Biology - what students should know (Edexcel)
GCSE Biology course summary (OCR A)
Higher Biology course summary (SQA)
Higher Human Biology course summary (SQA)
Intermediate 2 Biology course summary (SQA)
Standard Grade Biology course summary (SQA)


Information on practical investigations

Testing for biological substances
How to do simple t-tests
Practical write-up example



Biochemistry quiz (A/AS-level standard)
Genetics quiz (GCSE or Higher standard)
Cell membranes and transport quiz (A/AS-level or Higher standard)
Human cell membranes and transport quiz (A/AS-level or Higher standard)
Mathematical problems
Proteins quiz (A/AS-level standard)



Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information given in these notes, and the content of the courses may change in the future. For authoritative information, visit the exam boards' web sites.